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to be for legitimate business but was being used to promote prostitution. a young woman says she was sold for sex on craigslist ads. >> a typical ad would say "sexy teen girls, if you want to have some fun, i appreciate 150 roses per hour." >> reporter: other encounters were more violent. craig markov the crazy list killer was accused of murdering a masseuse that was advertising on the web site. and robbing two other women that posted craigslist ads. craigslist took down its adult services section without comment. in the past they have said what was posted there was no worse than what you could find in the back of an alternative weekly newspaper. aaron katersky, abc 2 news, new york. now for a look at tonight's top stories, a man is in critical condition tonight after authorities say he was shot twice in the chest by police. they say the man attacked one
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of their officers and, at one pointsh reached for the officer's gun. that's when the second officer pulled up and shot the suspect. he is in critical but stable condition as the police continue their investigation. >> a series of robberies at the university of maryland has students, parents and police concerned tonight. the most recent attack happened over the weekend. a student was tackled and robbed by four suspects, it follows several similar attacks in which three students were assaulted and robbed as they were getting in a far, three more students were assaulted and robbed by five suspects at a bus stop. an historic battle at m and t bank stadium going on right now, the university of maryland terps are taking on the navy in the crab bowl. now at half time the terps lead the midshipmen 14-7. if you're going downtown second expect a lot of traffic around the stadium. the two schools are only about 28 miles apart but they rarely get a chance to play each other. the last time they played was five years ago but baltimore officials and the ravens were working to try to get the two
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teams to match up every three years. rosy, the battle for the free state down there, it will be interesting, close game now but seems like navy is getting a little more yardage. we'll see. give you that weekend forecast, wherever you are, game, tailgating, doesn't matter. a few clouds, sunset coming up at 7:31, a glory yaws labor day evening in progress. at the top of the hour we were hanging onto 83, i think we're down to about 81 there now, 80 in annapolis. 70s back through wilmington and dover. broderick across the area, crystal clear skies and just a few skies up in the western pennsylvania. we'll let pittsburgh have those. we'll talk much more about the outlook here, more sunshine, big warm up and then much cooler, all straight ahead. rosy? >> just as labor day is the traditional end of summer it is the beginning of the campaign season.
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with election less than two months off and holding onto congress this is no holiday for president obama. they tell us he is getting political by focusing on the economy. >> reporter: the white house claims its using this labor day to put americans back to work. the president's critics abound when it comes to his handling of the economy. >> he has no vision, he has not articulated a philosophy. >> this week the president plans to get specific. today in milwaukee he'll announce the rebuilding of 150,000 miles of road, 4,000 miles of railways and a new air navigation system designed the cut down on travel time and delay. wednesday in ohio the president will announce an extension and expansion of tax write office for business research costs expected to equal $100 billion, in the last eight months we have actually added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month, we're seeing growth in certain sectors, in construction, manufacturing, in the mining industry, in health care and other areas. >> reporter: all of the programs announce this had week
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are not expected to bring the unemployment rate down below 9.6% before election day. senator john mccain believes the president's initiatives are a case of too little too late. >> we always like to see a death bed conversion, but the fact is if we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. >> reporter: trying to spend wisely, democrats are prepared to pull money from house incumbent they think are likely to lose, focusing on those who still have a chance to win. >> this is a time you have to do the hard path, look at the numbers, either your your making the cut or you're not. >> reporter: polls steer to more trouble for the president. 49 to 43% they'll vote for republicans versus democrats this november. as the economy continues to weigh on the minds of many americans retailers are marketing gadget to help consumers save money, to keep
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the caps in society a cans, retailers expect these products will have staying power as americans try to save more and waste less. a sign of the times. a new survey by j.d. power says the main amenity is free wireless internet. they found the most expensive hotels were least likely to offer it free of charge. it could become a deciding factor for many travelers when choosing that hotel. maybe it's yearning to get back to our roots or a simpler way of life or maybe a lot of fun but whatever the reason life on the virtual farm, called farmville, now has some 80 million players worldwide. imagine that. farmville is now facebook's most popular application. the average social gamer is not a male eating hot pockets but rather a 43-year-old woman who increasingly can become obsessed and akickedded to
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these games. >> i did feel like i was addicted to farmville. i played in the morning, in the evenings, all day. i gained at least probably about 10 pounds. >> 15% of farmville players actually spend real money on the game. 5% spend 20 bucks a month. farmville's parent company zen ya is expected to make 450 million this year alone on this game. wow. the catch of a lifetime for one maryland man. why he now has a shark tale to tell. and thousands of people are showing what it's all about, how they bannedded together to try to break a world record. for >> currently at the u.s. naval academy home of the midshipmen who are playing, or in baltimore today, it is 77 degrees. . >> abc 2 works for the community, a proud partner with the salvation army.
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swing ga, if
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. a fisherman in maryland made a catch you have to see to be. he reeled in a big one this week, an 8-foot bull shark, it was caught near a place where the children swim. as julie parker tells us the man has quite a shark tale to tell. >> willie dean spends most days on a boat in southern maryland
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but after more than 30 years of commercial fishing this was a first. . >> reporter: dean and several other men wrestled this 8-foot 1" long bull shark out of their large pound nets wednesday and into this skiff. they were in the potomac river near point look out state park. >> i saw the door sal fin, and i said "it's big, i don't know what it is, but it's big." >> reporter: they aren't bothered by freshwater and can travel far inland. this one turned up about half a mile from shore. >> i went oh my gosh, my granddaughter was just swimming there two weeks ago. >> this is one of the four most aggressive sharks on the east coast. this is the one that attacks people. >> reporter: what's even more remarkable, an even larger bull shark, this one 8-foot 3" long was caught about five miles north of here the same day. before this week, experts say the last bull shark caught around here was in the mid- 1970s.
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some families celebrating the long weekend at point look out state park aren't changing their plans because of the sharks. will the kids swim. >> yeah, hope the shark is gone here. >> reporter: he plans to get the head mounted and may sample some shark meat for supper. >> this is probably once in a lifetime thing. an interesting first day on the job for a deputy. how he helped save a man from this fiery steam. and if your facts hang low you may have to pay up more. more on the controversial code the city has decided to impose.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads.
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. . wee continue our coverage of democracy 2010 tonight as we present to you another one of the candidates running for office in our area. it's a chance for all of us to learn police officer about each candidate before the primaries september 14th. jamie costello sits down with
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greg bar toesy congressional candidate in the maryland 3rd con congressional district. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what do you see as the single most important issue facing the nation in your district. >> the economy and our exploding debt. we're broke and living on borrowed money. right now the politicians are borrowing money and spending money at a rate above and beyond what they take from us in taxes is $45,000 a second, that's 90, 135, 180, by the time the end of this interview they'll have spent $1.5 million, they turn to our children, hand it to them and say "here you go," they hold their hands up and say"sorry kids, we can't control ourselves in washington when we're spending your parents money so here is the bill." i can't let that happen. it's my duty as a dad and an american to make sure that doesn't happen on my watch. it's no longer left versus right.
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it's not republican versus democrat, it's unemployment is non-partisan, it's we the government versus we the people. the people who are spending our money and controlling our lives versus we the people." we can talk about any issue in the world but if we don't fix our economy first and now we're not going to have the luxury to worry about all the other issues. >> reporter: what will you do in office to effect the greatest change and improve the quality of life for your constituents. >> i think the best way to do that is by returning the country to the people. they are start to go to this. they are firing these self- serving lifetime connected politicians who are no longer governors with the consent of the governed. second step, replace them with citizen representatives of the people. once i make it if i make it there is to push my 25% plan which is on my web site at greg bar advertise basic just to that is drastically cut spending, taxes, establish energy independence and constitutionally mandate that the budget of the federal government be balanced.
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>> reporter: what are the major assets you bring to this office? >> my experience in the military, the government, the private sector, i've worked in all three, the experience has been priceless. my unbelievable work ethic, my 25% plan to fix things, my complete total understanding that the money that washington spends does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people who earned it. my profound respect for the honor and privilege it would be to represent the people in the third district. and myself less motivation and running for office. >> reporter: what's the most important message you want to convey to the voters. >> contrary to what they are telling us we're not in a recovery. every penny being spent in stimulus stimulus is borrowed money. we can dig ourselves out of this hole but we can do it when we make the decisions now. >> reporter: what is one thing voters don't know about you that should. >> anyone who knows me knows i'm not a plugs but they don't
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know why i'm doing this. my dream as a dad was that my son would have a better life than i've had and that dream is being taken away from him and every other movement and dad in the country and the sad part is it's not being taken away by a foreign entity, it's being taken away by our government. i'm not doing this for myself, i'm doing it for my son, your son, your daughter, our families, our country. it's my sincere goal to return the country to the people. >> reporter: greg par does is running on the republican ticket for congress' third district. thank you for joining us and thank you for watching democracy 2010. >> thank you. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> it really does feel like football weather. >> yeah. >> low humidity, nice breeze coming out there, navy, maryland sweating it out down there, beautiful. >> huge crowds, what we expected. upwards of 70,000 possibly all totaled. great weather for the game and crab bowl is looking good.
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we'll see how we finish this. the weather is going to hold up and the next game, a doubleheader down there in college football. so -- >> sure. >> let's look at what we're seeing in the inner harbor, the answer is not much weather wise except not much sunshine, temperatures 81 degrees right now, winds southeast, humidity only 49%. that's good stuff. you got to love that. a little cooler earlier on today, but we wound up nicely. annapolis going to break. college park i guess you could say technically on the lead in the temperature, a little further south, oriole park where the game is in progress, 80 is the moment, definitely looking at a nice nice day for the game. passing cumulus clouds through the day, we went partly cloudy through a chunk of the afternoon but now the sky is clearing off nicely. we head towards sunset which will come up at 7:0th evening, high temperatures today, can't complain about these, 82 out at the airport, 82 for you there in easton as well. ocean city just a little cooler
5:50 pm
at 78, hagerstown 083. humidity, comfort take plea low. you just, this is what's great about this time of year, you still get some warm days but you get the humidity out of here. winds out of the south today helping to warm things up a little bit, last to days a little more of a chill in the air, today we warm things up a bit, that's going to continue tomorrow in the warm part of our wednesday. couple clouds into western pennsylvania, nothing here in our state, looking high and dry across maryland, delaware, really all of virginia for that matter. take you out a little wider perspective. couple areas of high pressure, the main one off shore, really there's another bubble out here over the tennessee valley. going to keep the south wind coming up. keep mild dry conditions around here for another 48 hours or so before a cooler north breeze kicks back in, even that front coming in i don't think is going to produce much in the way of rain if anything. few clouds tonight into the day tomorrow, tomorrow looks like a lot of sun line, fantastic day. we'll probably get back into the upper 80s, if you look over
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here, this is actually our next cool front, this marches in as we go late into the afternoon on wednesday. looks like we're going to have a warm start wednesday but by wednesday night you'll feel that cool north breeze coming in. doesn't look like that is going to trigger any shower activity. one disturbance off puerto rico, and also tropical storm her mean now off the mexican- texas border. looks to come into south texas the next day really, next 24 hours, that's it so it will probably not make hurricane strength. too close to land. back here, this was once upon a time gaston, these remnants now kind of shifting towards puerto rico, about a 70% chance this will become a tropical depress annual, tropical storm. overnight 60, generally clear, tomorrow nice day. 87. mostly sunny and almost no humidity. so that's gonna be great. tomorrow night, not quite as chilly, kind of a mild evening,
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67 degrees. partly cloudy skies and again it does get milder overnight. seven-day forecast, i think you like the trend, nonart what you like, you like the trend, wednesday will be a bit windy, cool front comes in wednesday night. cooler days, you want the fall- like weather, got that for you thursday-friday. next chance for rain slim, not until the second half of the weekend. . take a look at this, a fiery wreck along i-75 in georgia, captured on police dash cam video, three deputies responded to the scene sunday night. one a rookie on his second night on patrol. >> pulled up, never thought, second night on patrol or even the first couple months i would see something like that. >> you can see a deputy running toward the car, the orange flames were everywhere, the driver trapped inside. the officers fought the blaze with fire extinguishers and were able to break out a window and pull the 56-year-old driver to safety. well do pants hang low
5:53 pm
fellas? if so you might have to pay up in one jurisdiction. >> if you have got your pants that you might as well not have no pants on at all. this is how draw to people. they voted to slap a fine on people that wear pants or a skirt that exposes their underwear. complaints prompted the city leaders to act to add a new law to their eye indecent exposure code. to stop people from wearing buggy low slung pants or skirts. >> we might have a little more mutual respect for each other and realize that everybody doesn't want to see your underwear. >> don't let your drawers show, folks. a $25 fine on the first offense and up to 200 bucks for each additional offense. with a look ahead, abc 2 news at 6:00, christian schaefer, a lot of people are enjoying the day off today, but others are desperately trying to get back on the job.
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we'll peta man taking his struggle to the street. plus, students at the university of maryland find themselves the targets in a string of attacks, we'll have the latest on the investigation, world news comes right after us at 6:30, here is a preview of the labor day edition. >ú
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. thousands of dancers shook it all about and it showed what it is all about over the weekend in an attempt to set a guinness world record. dancers did the hokeypokey and
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turned themselves around for about 5 minutes while gin necessary officials counted the crowned. 7384, the previous record was set in toronto back in 2003 where more than 4,000 people participated in the popular dance. they turned a round a little quicker. she only weighs 15 pounds but she can out eat some of the biggest men in the world. known as the black widow she gobbled up 181 wings in 12 minutes at the buffalo wings festival. that's almost 5 pounds of wings. she beat out eating champ joey chestnut, he only eight a paul tree 150 wings. this is the first time they squared off. buffalo is considered the birthplace of the popular finger food known as buffalo wings. a maryland rivalry hits the turf today, we're at m and t bank stadium where the university of maryland takes on navy right here.
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the abc 2 news at 6:00 starts right now. now abc 2 news at 6:00. at least 7 people attacked and robbed in three separate attacks around the university of maryland. the only thing the attacks have in common, the victims were all students, i'm christian schaefer. the rash of robberies in college park has authorities warning students to be careful roosevelt left win witch is back with more of that. >> groups of people are roaming around and looking for victims and attacking them and their targets students. >> reporter: the latest attack happened early sunday morning, a man walking on hartwig road near princeton avenue when a grupp of four men attacked him. one suspect tackled the victim and punched him while another came up and took his wallet. it's the latest robbery where a student was attacked. >> definitely not just give me your wallet, it's give me why you are wallet and let's beat you up. >> i do fear for my life sometimes and it's not a good feeling. >>er

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